Spicy 🌶 and healthy
Spicy 🌶 and healthy
Better than take out!
Perfect as a side or a main dish.
Any curry will do, this recipe highlights Garam Masala.
Classic dish that you will not miss having meat in.
Clam pasta pictured is spaghetti because that was what I had, but I prefer linguine.
Quick weeknight dinner all on one sheetpan.
Not your mama's neck bones.
Pasta is always better with cheese and seafood.
A quick stew using frozen seafood. Fresh herbs and citrus gives the broth a nice balance of flavor.
Trying to avoid carbs? You will not miss the pasta in this recipe. And if they don't ask, you shouldn't tell.
It's FALL!!! Time for soups, stews and feel good food.
Feeling a little sweet and a little 🌶. One Pan packed with clean eating goodness!
The journey to healthy living can be difficult when you need a good snack. This one is gluten free dairy free (I used coconut cream) and sweetened with organic honey. Curbed my craving in the first bite!
I call it the La-La sauce because it makes me want to sing!
Thyme Tip: One of the best time savers is repurposing your leftovers. Use what is already cooked and “dress” it up as a separate meal. I added fresh vegetables and eggs to my leftover meal from the week to prepare a quick breakfast.