My History is Black

I am My Ancestors Wildest Dreams!

As a child I used to dream in black and white. Mostly because of the images I watched on television. But those were only my dreams. My reality and the way that I saw the world was based on images like these:  Proud, Black Americans, GOOD LOOKING, and living their best lives. 

These are the entrepreneurs, the educated, the home owners, the home makers and social elites that established the bold legacy of the Crawford family. Flawed in many ways but solid as a rock when it came to decency, longevity and honor. 

I have no idea what year this photo was taken but looking at the couture you can easily place them between circa 1960-1970, give or take a few years. 

This is my lineage. The stock that I come from. Front and center is my grandmother Frankie (a nurse) with my great-great aunts Vivian (Bunny) and Ruby (Tina). My granny is an only child and these are her mother’s sisters. My great-grandmother is the tall fox in the back with the glasses wearing a “smart” suit. Also pictured are my great-great uncles Robert, William (Pen) his wife Aunt Rachel and Major.

My family originated in South Georgia and later moved to Northeast Florida. My great-grandmother was one of 12, and she cared for her siblings like they were her own children. They were so close that it wasn’t until I got older that realized her sisters were not her daughters. Seldom did you see outsiders in their circle and if you did they were considered family to.  

Like most people of color the south was not a place of prosperity for my great–grandmother’s generation. She was a migrant farm worker in Florida and Virginia. She never learned to drive, never had a passport nor did she ever travel further than the state of Texas. She married a share cropper and moved to Virginia where she raised my grandmother and later my dad and uncles. She did not leave Virginia until she was widowed.

My great-great uncles are the reason why many of the next generations call New Jersey, home. They chose to leave the south as young men. They lived together until one was able to save and move. They invested in properties and businesses that provided a stable foundation for themselves and their extended family. Their sacrifice allowed my grandmother the opportunity to move to New Jersey. She did factory work while studying to become a nurse. 

This photo depicts the shoulder’s upon which I am standing today. Strong shoulders, proud shoulders, broad shoulders – designed to carry many burdens. These are the people that paved the way for me to continue the legacy of my family. These are the people that endured the struggles that I would never see nor would I ever repeat. These are the hands that worked the fields, served in our military, lived through segregation, educated themselves and built a dynasty. 

Understanding where and who I came from is the catalyst behind MakeSomeThyme4Family. 

In all that I do I will honor their sacrifices.  


I am a WOMAN.

I am a follower of CHRIST



I am ME.


We are all tight on time, but can make the best of what we have by being intentional in a few key areas of our lives:






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  1. Incredible resilience. Phenomenal history. A true nod of approval from ancestry pools of love and support. Keep making THYME!!!

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