Just Squeeze

Just Squeeze

“A mother’s love is eternal, even when I am not here, I will always be with you.” – Unknown

I put a penny in her hand on the first day of Kindergarten because she was anxious about her new school. “If you get scared, just take it out and squeeze it. I am not going to be here with you, but I am in your heart and you are in mine, okay? Okay mommy.”


Story time…

I have struggled to put into words the thoughts that ran through my mind leading up to the moment captured in this photo. My baby placing her hand into the man of her dreams. Full disclosure we all married him that day!!!

This was the day that I officially let my daughter go. Her wedding day. The day her name changed. This meant that from that day forward she would no longer look to me first for comfort, confirmation and counsel. God had blessed our family with an amazing young man that we loved and cherished. My daughter was ready to become a wife and it was THYME. It was a picture-perfect day and the joy that was on the hearts of everyone in attendance filled my cup to the point of overflow. And for that I say, “To God be the GLORY.”

As I prepared to stand for the entrance of the bride, I was briefly overcome with a pain and a sadness that one typically experiences during grief. The watch that my daughter is wearing belonged to her grandmother who had spoken of this day before my daughter was ever conceived. Her father and I had semi eloped, but she of course wanted a big wedding. Instead, she said, “that’s fine I can wait until my granddaughter gets married to have a big shah-bang!” We all laughed, because I was not pregnant and at the time was not the childbearing kind. Less than a year later, God blessed us with Victoria and Dot finally had her daughter. She would pass away a few years later but the bond she established with my daughter and the impact she has had on my life is the reason MakeSomeThyme was created.

Although Dot did not get to see the “shah-bang” in person, her presence was felt that day. The day she had prepared me for.

The day I let go…



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